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The Safe M212F Mask

The Mask is made from a fabric that has been treated with the Safe Solution containing the molecules Safe M212F. The molecules Safe M212F are covalently bonded to the fabric through a lengthy process of moisture, heat, and private process. Once the Safe M212F molecules are covalently bonded, then the fabric is made into a mask. The mask then has the Safe M212F molecules to help it fight off microbials continuously. The lab tests done by independent Government and Academic laboratories have demonstrated a non-leaching and effective date range of 90 days and or 30 washes.

The Mask that is constantly working for you!

Safe ProduX has developed a revolutionary technology that covalently links antimicrobial molecules to cotton fabric, resulting in tekFABRIK. The molecule is the IS-212 which has been proven by Government and Academic laboratories to have a broad spectrum of virucidal, bactericidal, and fungicidal effectiveness. The IS-212 molecules are positively charged and attract the negatively charged viruses while puncturing the virus's envelopes. If the envelope is ruptured, the virus becomes ineffective. This process is continuously taking place and the IS-212 molecules remain covalently attached and activated for 90 Days/ 30 washes. Making Safe ProduX the leading safe brand.

The Safe Mask Benefits

1  An outer layer that filters and keeps itself clean.

2  Easy to breathe.

3  Super soft fabric, gentle and safe on your skin.

4  Adjustable ear strap for complete comfort and fit.

5  Treated with a Solution proven to kill bacteria and Viruses and keeping itself clean.

6  Reusable up to 90 days.

Ideal for all situations!

Difference between Safe ProduX mask and a typical mask

Safe-M212B Mask Typical Mask
Kills virus YES NO
Kills Bacteria YES NO
Reusable up to 90 days YES NO
Cotton comfort for Breathability YES NO
Blocks virus & bacteria YES MAYBE
Blocks dust, dirt & allergies YES MAYBE

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