A deep Science team that gives shape to ideas taking innovative concepts from lab to market


We are here to listen to your needs and create the best purchase experience. We value your decision to shop with us, it is important to us and we hope it shows. We look forward to wowing you and hope you refer your friends and family. It is our goal to earn your loyalty and future business.

I learned at an early age from my mother and sister that in business the customer appreciates the truth, honesty, and a fair deal. You have my commitment that we will always pursue these core values and always treat you with dignity and respect.

In God’s will,
Dr. Tony Serna

In God’s will,
Dr. Tony Serna


Our team of scientist are highly respected and world-renowned scientist. They have served in the highest-level capacity of various distinguished organizations, non-profits, government institutions, universities, and corporations. Their experience spans over various fields of research and application in the fields of molecular medicine, intracellular studies, antibody studies, cancer studies, biochemistry, drug discovery, infectious diseases, Clinical trials, genomics, synthetic biology, peptide and protein chemistry, and stem cell biology. They are considered experts in their respective fields. Our team culture and love for humanity unites us all and is at the center of our “Why”.


Dr.Anand Anandkumar


Co-Founder & CEO of Bugworks Co-Founder of Cellworks Former MD of Spincircuit & Magma India Co-founder of India Semiconductor Association Treasurer ABLE Member of Board of AMR Industry Alliance India advisory board member of GARDp

Dr.Jogin Desai


Co-founder and CEO of Eyestem Ex Quintiles [Head of cardiac safety business], Former CEO of Cenduit, the world's largest standalone randomization company. A joint venture of Quintiles and ThermoFisher Scientific.

Mr. Nitish Sathyanarayan


Co-Founder-Ariyan Products Prime Minister's Fellow, insteam CLL and Evolva [Swiss Tech company] 7 years of training in biochemestry and genomics with 15 research publications.

Mr. Ashok Vohra


Founder of Evoma, an ecosystem designed for business incubation and for entry of organization into India. Former chairman of Esco Singapore company with operating infrastructure is most Asia pacific countries An ex IBM sales and marketing executive.

Dr.Tony Serna


His 30+ year business experience as a business owner and investor, coupled with a vast relational rolodex of decision makers is positioning SF as a leader globally. His knowledge and experience within the government, corporate, and religious business provides unique opportunities from different perspectives.


Mr.Sushil John

CIO - Chief of International Operations

Mr. Sushil is an expert in Marketing and Sales. He has managed Multi Million Dollar projects in Europe, India, and Asia in general.

Safe ProduX Code of Conduct

Safe ProduX’s code of conduct is comprised of our core business ethics. These values create and maintain our business culture, our way of doing business and way of life.

Obey the Law

No exceptions to this rule. Respect the government’s rules and regulations of business where you reside and do business.

Be Honest

Have Integrity and be Honest with everyone, including yourself.

Be Fair

Obey the rules, treat everyone how you would like to be treated. Everyone counts, whether a single person, a small company, or a large organization.

Be Diligent

Give 100% day in day out. Don’t short change the company and expect to paid more.

Be Faithful

Protect Safe ProduX’s interests, it pays you so that you can meet your responsibilities.

Be Accurate

Detailed reporting and accurate records help us guide the company better.

Be Respectful

Respect one another whether a coworker, friend, or someone you just met.

Be Caring and Give back

Care for your neighbor. Care for Animals. Care for our environment. Make it a point to give back when possible.